Monday, July 26, 2010

Pumpkin soup from old blog (agess ago)

PUMPKIN SOUP! Made today after a total of 4 periods of 4unit VOLUMES (eww), and a very very shameful report =/.
I thought it turned out pretty good though, well I though its better than the schools one =/.

Around 1.2kgs of Japanese pumpkin diced, 2 large potatoes diced and 1 large onion sliced (diced is better though). Boil in 3.5cups of water + 3 chicken stock cubes until all vegetables are soft. I boiled it on medium for 10 minutes without the lid on, simmered on low-medium for 5 minutes with the lid on and simmered for an additional 10 minutes without the lid on.
By the time it finished cooking, it was dark already so pot looks a lot darker =/. Vegetables were all nice and soft and easily broken =).
Blend everything with a blender. I used the "puree" button. (Not for too long or it'll get starchy)
All blended! Mix in 100ml of cream (cause my family doesnt like the flavour of cream but personally I would like to add more). Leftover cream = scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow!
Seasoned with cream, pepper and herbs! (though its not actually herbs in the picture, its some sort of vegetable which I put in for looks =/ ) hahaha.

Anyways I thought it tastes good. I ate it with Dinner rolls, baked, so its nice and crispy.

lalala =)

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- Poggyy